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Attorneys Sara Bradley, Marinda Neumann and Lindsay Nakagawa.

Neumann & Associates Is A Team Of Qualified Attorneys Delivering Reliable Legal Advice And Services With Integrity

At Neumann & Associates, Inc., our lawyers work with a variety of small to midsize businesses, providing legal advice on a range of matters including intellectual property, service and labor, regulatory and compliance, and data privacy and security. We frequently draft contracts and develop comprehensive corporate procedures. Our experience provides us with a balanced yet diversified perspective on legal matters relevant to nearly all businesses, regardless of industry.

Our attorneys have over 32 years of combined experience providing legal services. Our unique knowledge of business law, regulatory compliance, antitrust law, intellectual property, and current industry trends allows us to meet the ongoing demands of our clients, helping them stay compliant in a constantly changing industry.

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As your advocates, our lawyers will help you navigate risk to protect your business. Utilizing a team approach, we work closely with all our clients’ management teams and staff to provide targeted, goal-oriented solutions. We provide optimal levels of quality legal service in the most time-efficient manner.

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Our promise to you: realistic advice and expectations.

We will help you build the toolkit you need and be honest with our feedback — keeping your business on the right track.