Focused On Business Law

Attorneys Sara Bradley, Marinda Neumann and Lindsay Nakagawa.

Addressing Your Clients’ Needs With Care And Competence

In today’s legal landscape, it’s impossible for a single attorney or a small firm to master all areas of law. Gone are the days when a general practice attorney could be a “jack of all trades,” competently addressing the myriad issues their clients faced. Many areas of law have such nuanced and ever-evolving complexities that it takes a significant degree of specialization to gain adequate mastery over those areas.

However, as a solo attorney or small firm, you don’t need to give up valuable client relationships in order to adequately address clients’ needs. By working with outside counsel, you can meet their legal needs while retaining that relationship.

A Trusted Legal Partner For Other Law Firms

Working with other firms is a major focus of our practice at Neumann & Associates, Inc. Our attorneys provide valuable support and partnership for other law firms that need guidance on niche practice areas such as:

Technology is a common thread in many areas of our practice. Our lawyers combine legal, business and financial acumen to skillfully address the many concerns that business clients face in the modern world.

Consider Partnering With Our Firm

To learn more about our attorneys and how we can partner with you to address your client’s legal needs, please reach out to us online or call our office in San Diego, California, at 619-650-6774. Even if you are not currently seeking outside guidance on a specific client matter, we always welcome the opportunity to network in the local and regional legal community.