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Laying The Groundwork For Success In Business Contracts And Transactions

Contracts and transactions are pivotal crossroads in the life of any business. Unfortunately, much can go wrong at these junctures, especially without skilled legal guidance. Working with an attorney is essential in preventing costly missteps or disputes.

Neumann & Associates is well-equipped to help businesses handle all types of transactions and contracts. Our lawyers’ vast experience and knowledge enable us to help clients meet their business goals, find creative solutions and navigate complicated legal concerns. Based in San Diego, we represent business clients in diverse industries throughout Southern California.

Guidance On Business Transactions And Ongoing Business Matters

Legal considerations arise throughout the life cycle of a business. We counsel clients on a broad range of transactional and ongoing matters, including:

In each of these areas, we provide relevant guidance on minimizing risk to protect your business.

Negotiating, Drafting And Reviewing Business Contracts

Contracts play a vital role in the operation of many businesses. They establish legally binding obligations and outline the expectations of all parties. A well-negotiated, carefully crafted contract can go a long way toward protecting your business and preventing disputes. Conversely, a poorly written contract can expose your business to significant liability.

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in all types of business contracts. We can assist you with negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements such as:

  • Licensing contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Product sales contracts and purchase orders
  • Confidentiality/nondisclosure, noncompete and severance agreements
  • Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements
  • Investment contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Negotiation
  • Risk analysis

Applying meticulous attention to detail, our legal team understands how to carefully vet contracts to identify vulnerabilities and shore up protections.

FAQ About Business Contracts

Below are some frequently asked questions about business contracts.

What are the most common types of business contracts? 

The most common include employment, vendor, sales and confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements. We can assist your business with all these and more.

Should I sign a contract under my own name or my business name?

When signing a business contract, always use the business entity name. Signing in your own name could make you personally liable for any disputes that arise under the contract.

Are unwritten contracts valid?

Oral contracts may be legally enforceable, depending on the nature of the agreement and the amount of consideration (compensation) involved. However, enforcing an oral contract can be extremely challenging. A best practice for all businesses is to have all contracts clearly spelled out in writing.

Learn More About Partnering With Our Lawyers On Your Business Needs

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